How to Import Macros

This post describes how to import macros that downloaded from this website, into your workbooks;

1- Enable the Developer tab in the ribbon
1.1- right click on the ribbon
1.2- select “Customize Ribbon…” (figure: 1)
1.3- check Developer from right list (figure: 2)

Now you have the Developer tab in your ribbon,

2- Adding Macro Module to the excel workbook.
2.1- select Macros from developer tab (figure: 3)
2.2- select edit from the window (figure: 4)
2.3- right click on the name of your workbook in the list on the left (figure: 5)
2.4- select import file and select the “*.bas” file that you download from site (figure: 6)

Now you have included the macro you download in your workbook.

3- Running Macro (For now i am going to explain how to run a macro by clicking a button, in further examples different ways to run macros will be defined)
3.1- select Insert from developer tab
3.2- select button from submenu (figure: 7)
3.3- draw the button, after you finish sizing of the button same window in “2.2″ will be appear.
3.4- you should see the name of the macro that included in”2″
3.5- double click on that name. (figure: 8)

Kaboom! Your buttons action binded to macro now.

One small step for you, but what a leap for your boss!


figure: 1


figure: 2


figure: 3


figure: 4


figure: 5


figure: 6


figure: 7


figure: 8

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