Data Separation – Upgraded Understanding

Correct coloring of the cells is one of the most powerful way for improving the understandability of a data table. Again before this coloring tip I strongly recommend you to read Color Palette – Art Side of the Force post. Coloring row does not mean the give separate colors for each row. For this coloring tip you will need one color or two color if you are not using white as background color of your data table. Key point while choosing these colors, selecting the light colors from your palettes.

For selecting one color option, second color considered as white. So main idea is selecting similar colors then for one color selection color most be really light one that close enough to white. After selecting your two colors next thing to decide is whether coloring the rows or columns.

Coloring become meaningful when one of the dimension of the data cells too small (height, width). Color rows for small height and columns for small width. This selection done by considering complete table. Most of the time (also for standard sheet) height is smaller than width. So if you are struggling about selecting whether row or column, select row.

Here you can find some example sheets for some color palettes;


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