Standardization and Belonging

To make your sheets look professional, you need to have a layout for your sheets. You will also need a layout for your workbooks but as I mentioned workbook related tips will be handled later. Then how to create our own layout for your sheets and make people realize that this sheet belongs to you or your company.

  • Firstly, you will need a header
    • Draw outside border for your header (Use Thick Box Bolder). Always leave at least one row, and column from top and left respectively. Your headers height should be at most 3 standard row height. And it must be end at the column your data table ends. Merge the cells in the header.
    • This header must include an explanation of the sheet which should consist of at most 10 words. You should align this explanation to center of the header.
    • You will need one or more logos (for yourself or your company). Place it to the left hand side of the header. In some circumstances you may going to provide that sheet to the some other company then place your logo to right and the customers logo to left hand side (They would like to see themselves, not yours). Never put a huge logo (At most 3 standard line height).If you don’t have any logo, is the site I use for creating logos easily. Again there are plenty of sites for this duty.
  • Secondly, check the post Color Palette – Art Side of the Force. You must use at most two Palettes for your sheets. Using single Palette in all your sheets is also another way to make standardize sheets. You could decide not to use a predefine color set, even than try to limit your color range and use same color range in your sheets.
  • Thirdly, name yout sheets in same pattern (I am not sure if it is worksheet or workbook related, anyway it is important). There is not any silver bullet for naming. only key point is be consistent. One rule for your pattern could be always use “_” between the words or never use any uppercase char in naming.
  • End Last, you should use same font type and size in all of your sheets.

While creating your pattern always remember that, what your trying to do is to make people know that, this sheet is belongs to you, and they can find same information in same place in all of your sheets.

Here is an example sheet with a header created by the rules described above:


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